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Partnership Firm

• What is a Partnership?
• What are the necessary elements that are required to form a partnership?
• I am not a citizen of India. Can I be a partner in an Indian firm?
• What is the capital of a partnership firm?
• Is a deed of partnership necessary?
• Who can be partners?
• I have a minor son. Can he be a partner in my partnership firm?
• Can a minor admitted to the benefits of partnership, become a partner on attaining majority?
• I am a partner in a firm. What are my rights?
• What are my duties as a partner in a firm?
• What are my limitations as a partner?
• What is Partnership at will?
• What are the requirements for registration of a partnership firm?
• I am a partner of a firm. I have been served a notice. What are its implications?

• Can a partner transfer his right in the business of the firm to an outsider?
• Can a new partner be admitted into the partnership firm?
• Can a partner nominate a successor?
• Can a Hindu Undivided Family become a partner of a firm?
• Can a Kartha of an HUF become a partner?
• Can a firm become a partner in another firm?
• Four members of a Hindu joint family have an ancestral business of money lending. They share its profits. Is this a partnership firm? Are they partners?
• What are the ways by which partnership can be dissolved?
• What is dissolution of partnership by consent?
• What is dissolution by agreement?
• When can a partnership firm be compulsorily dissolved?
• What is meant by dissolution on happening of certain events?
• What is meant by dissolution by notice?
• When is a partnership dissolved by court?
• Is a public notice necessary for the dissolution of the firm?

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